About Paranada

Thrivin' on The Drive for over 30 years

Paranada logo includes the unalome symbol of the spiral of life. At the bottom of the big spiral, the radiant sun is represented in bright orange, red, and yelllow.

Paranada continues the strong tradition of working with the local people in Rajistan, India, Nepal, and Indonesia. We produce clothing, hats, and bags from natural fibre materials. Our hand-block prints are done with natural vegetable dyes on hand woven or power loom materials. We carry an array of cotton, silk, hemp, rayon, banana, and flax fibres.

Every year since 1988, the owner has gone to India, Nepal, Indoneisa, Thailand, and other countries to hand-pick the materials.  We are proud of our environmentally sustainable garments and accessories. On average, we have worked alongside our tailors for around 20 years. We take great care of them in order to produce the best products for you in small batch quantities. This way we do not over-produce unnecessarily which would be detrimental to the environment.

This product innovation is crucial to the sustainability of our model in a competitive world.

Photo of the inside of the Paranada shop with text overlay "shop online or visit us at our store"