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Original Paranada Incense - Sage- 15 sticks/30 sticks

Original Paranada Incense - Sage- 15 sticks/30 sticks

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Paranada has an original incense collection of 15 incredible aromas.
Our incense has been hand-rolled and hand-crafted by our wonderful team of artisans in India.

Our earthy Sage incense is believed to:

  • Historically has been used in Egyptian, Roman, Grecian, and Indigenous medicine for purification, protection, and spirituality.
  • Has been known to have antibacterial, insecticide properties
  • Can help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Great for meditation, yoga, and relaxation

We are proud that:

  • No trees have been harmed
  • Sustainable bamboo sticks used
  • 100% recycled cotton packaging
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