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Super Hit (Satya Sai Baba) - 2 sizes

Super Hit (Satya Sai Baba) - 2 sizes

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One of the most well-known incense companies in the world.

  • You may know their famous Nag Champa in the blue box, the Super Hit is a slightly sweeter aroma than the Champa
  • Masala mix: Champa flower, woodsy-spicy aroma (base notes: wood and patchouli), sweet floral notes (smells like jasmine or magnolia)
  • Handrolled masala mix using natural extracts on bamboo sticks
  • Qualities: soothing, relaxing, cleansing
  • Great for: meditation, yoga, and relaxation
  • 1 incense stick burns for approx. 45 minutes
  • Made in Bangalore, India


We carry them in 2 sizes: 15g and 40g

* Please Note:
Quantities of sticks per box vary.
Each box is sold by weight rather than quantities.

  • 15 grams: 13-16 sticks
  • 40 grams: 38-43 sticks

Feel free to inquire if you are looking to purchase large quantities/wholesale.

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